Tarnished Halo

Tarnished Halo

Fred Spencer is a 1940s Hollywood heartthrob. Women want to be with him
and men want to be like him. Fred has everything...except someone to share it.
He meets his Angel when he meets Betty Hammel.

TARNISHED HALO is their story.

Betty is an aspiring actress and model who wants to be a star. They fall in love
and Fred tries to help her with her career. But Betty is star-struck.
As Fred tries in vain to help her
understand the man behind his Hollywood image, he comes to realize
that a life with Betty is not meant to be.

Separated by a sister's jealousy, they part ways, but they are never far
from each other's thoughts. That is, until one woman's deceit
and another woman's revenge threaten to
keep Fred and his Angel apart forever.

TARNISHED HALO is a story of love and hate, triumph and tragedy,
heartbreak and happiness. Spanning two continents and three decades,
it is a story of how real love can stand the test of time,
even in the unreal world of a Hollywood star.

Publisher: iUniverse.com (September 2008)

ISBN-10: 059549675X
ISBN-13: 978-0595496754

ISBN-10: 1440119406
ISBN-13: 978-1440119408

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